Best VPS for Forex Trading 2019

Best VPS For Forex Trading 2019


Why I went with a VPS

  • I’m a mother of four.  Three of the four are under 4 years old and we homeschool so I don’t want to spend time babysitting charts.
  • The ability of trading on the go is great but I prefer to use the mt4 on the computer as there are more options to customize.
  • I also like see the whole picture of price action on the computer version of mt4  which isn’t comparable on the cell phone app.
  • Here I’ll go into some o my experiences with trading and my search for the Best VPS For Forex Trading.


The Problem I had with MT4 ?

  • MT4 is actually great in my opinion it’s basic, not overwhelming. I use custom indicators that allow push notifications and customized charts.
  • The problem I found is that in order to have push notifications sent to my cell I have to have my computer on and running. I noticed even when my computer was on it would eventually go into hibernation. In which time I wouldn’t get notifications until I logged back in. I could leave my laptop on but that would mean staying plugged in because eventually, the battery would die.
  • Staying plugged in with the battery source is bad for the life of the battery
  • Mt4 on my cell is great for mobile trading to enter or modify an order but otherwise, I prefer to work off of my desktop.  I use customized charts that I’m not able to use on the cell phone version of MT4 due to the apps limited features compared the to desktop version.


My final push to try a VPS

  • As I mentioned before I have 4 kids that I homeschool. My family time and flexibility of not being stuck monitoring a screen is important to me so having a push notification to alert me to a possible entry is convenient.
  • These kids I speak of. One is under a year old and needs a lot of hands-on, as appropriate.
  • My troublemakers are 2 and 4. They help themselves to my laptop which isn’t usually a problem when I have them set up to their programs. I’d come out of the restroom or finishing up some domestic work only to find my 2 yr old on the computer on a live chart. Sometimes they’d just decide to close my computer or accidentally unplug it. You could imagine the panic.
  • too many variables to worry about in general. If my computer isn’t running my notifications aren’t coming through. Computer failure, laptop overheating,  internet problems, electricity outage, and basic wear and tear on my computer.
  • I was tired of having to step over these particular obstacles.  I would rather focus my energy on what matters,  and so I started my search

Searching for a VPS

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    • I honestly didn’t know where to start but I decided to go with a VPS specifically for trading. I didn’t want to have to figure how to configure the specifics with a web hosting vps.
    • Security is important we’re talking about my trading account and my computer. They offer 3 tear security and encryption of data for security protection.
    • The Price is comparable in relation to others in the market the lowest package starting at $25 a month. I’ve seen others complain about the cost but in all honesty, if $25 dollars is an issue then I’d suggest spending more time backtesting and refining those trading skills.
    • They offered a 7 day trial for $3.99.  I set up on Saturday and set up charts Saturday and Sunday morning to be ready for a trading week my trial ended that Friday.
    • I have basic computer skills and found myself looking into something else I had to learn I felt slightly intimidated but their customer and technical support are AMAZING. They answered any and every question I had. The response was quick. I told them why I was looking for a VPS they asked me a few questions and based on how I was planning on trading they were able to tell me what I needed.  I’ve had very bad experiences with customer support with other companies especially after becoming a customer but this was by far THE BEST 24/7.
    • Setting up the VPS was instant. It was just a matter of setting up my MT4  I’m kind of thumbs getting around the computer they have step by step written instructions videos and pictures to go with each step.
    • They have one-minute latency to more than 100 brokers
    • All in all, I’m very happy with the product.  I have access to my desktop from my phone or tablet. when I leave the house I have everything I need on my cell phone via remote desktop app. everything I have access to on my computer I have access to on the go.  No longer limited by the lack of options on mt4 cell phone app. Visually my charts are just as I see them on my computer. I can type, use the mouse, use touch screen mode no limitations to MT4 functions.
    • I’m able to run 1-3 instances of MT4 on my standard account
    •  I need to be able to trade in the way that is most comfortable for me and most flexible and I didn’t want to give up some of one or the other to do that.


Common Questions/FAQ About VPS

  • How is The Response Rate of the Server?

    • 1 min to a few seconds latency to more than 100 brokers
    • support all platforms
    • supports all expert advisors
    • mobile access *
  • Cost of VPS

    • Free for those under the broker partner account. Some offer a free VPS to clients with a specified min account balance.
    • $3.99 7 day trial
    • min package starting at $25.00 month by month or year up front
    • 2 months free for any annual subscription with 30-day money back guarantee
    • cost increases per package standard, advance and, expert
    • customize upon request


The Last Thing You Need to Know about Forex VPS

  • A VSP will not make you a consistently profitable trader that comes with studying and practicing demoing on live as well as backtesting.
  • My take away from this has been the flexibility and ease of mind with my computer.
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