The Best Toys For A 2 Year Old

The Best Toys for a 2-year-old : Generation Blue Screen

Kids are so smart! Even at a very young age, they are like a fish to water when it comes to electronics.  I remember my grandfather’s cousin told my grandad” If you ever have a problem with your smartphone just give it to your grandbaby for a few minutes and he’ll figure it out for you. He was referring to the 8 yr old but still, kids are starting younger and younger.

While this new technology is great I  think it’s awesome to let kids get back to the basics of imagination, learning hands-on, creatively and enjoy outdoor fun.


What’s the problem? Generation Blue Screen

We’ve all heard the sayings “a little goes a long way”, or “everything in moderation”.  Kids today are becoming addicted, interactive screen time acting like a stimulant to their little brains. I’m not saying these toys are the work of the devil and we shouldn’t get them but that we must be mindful. Help and guide them with giving them some balance. I saw a video similar to this one where the baby was shaking, there was no sound but just by looking I thought maybe he or she was in the middle of a seizure. I raised the volume and started from the beginning because it was concerning and as a mother I wanted to know what was wrong, only to find it was all because their device was taken away.  My husband and I told our selves and each other ” nope not our kids” and try to be proactive in our efforts because it is so easy to get hooked. This post we’ll be going over our approach to toys and play time. Toys we recommend that are not only fun and age-appropriate,  but also help contribute to the developmental milestones as recommended by the CDC.


Our approach to toys and play time


  • children learn through play so we try to engage them
  • physically- what can keep them active to release that pent-up energy
  • using their senses and explore – seeing, touching
  • toys that challenge their critical thinking skills
  • Things of interest that would help with vocabulary and allows them to use their imagination with 4 kids of different ages we also try to incorporate age-appropriate toys that they all can enjoy together


Best Toys to Overcome Generation Blue Screen


  • KidKraft Farm to Table pay kitchen set -. Incorporates education, interaction and imaginative play. A wooden play kitchen with a “farm to table” theme. It includes such great details like window planter boxes where our kids can “grow” “choppable” carrots and onion. Cutting board with wooden knife, a stove top that lights up and makes simmering noises, a refrigerator with an ice cube maker that dispenses pretend cubes (included), a farmhouse sink, a chalkboard to create a menu, and more.


  • It is a great because we can get add ons like pretend food, pots and pans, table wear, tea time and play dress up.
  • Fantasy Fort with chalkboard panels, Fantasy castle building set, and Igloo fantasy fort are great additions. Easy to put together and allows for imaginative and physical play with easy to break down and set up. We have four children an 8 year old son, a 4 year old daughter, a 2 year old son  and a 10 month old so this is something that eventually, at one point or another they will all be able to enjoy and enables bonding.


  • The classic building blocks type of toys are great and simple. They are helpful in building their cognitive abilities.  My son loves these lego type blocks because his older brother plays with legos. It allows him to take part and do as his big brother does without the choking hazard or mess of milions. Then, of course, the classic wooden blocks adding not only fun but identifying the different shapes included. Personally, I feel the wooden blocks add more in regard to critical thinking and patience in that unlike the lego block the wooden blocks won’t stick together. They actually have to think about which blocks would be best to build on to keep it from falling and if it falls they have to try again.  On their surface, it’s so simple but these little skills now can be built upon later…


  • Shape sorter and back-packs have been a hit in our home amongst our little ones so this little set is perfect. Carry around bad that helps them identify and sort shapes   
  • Small books are also a great option. personally i love these. Cassic Dr. Seuss stories are sturdy to avoid the destruction of a 2 year old. They may not know how to read yet, but its a great bonding oportunity and you’ll be suprised what they pick up from you reading out load to them and engaging them when the word that matches the picturethey’ll feel like they can read too. The love for learning starts young
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